Porsha Stewart calls Kenya Moore a ‘stalker’

    Porsha Stewart

    Photo courtesy BravoTV.com

    Porsha Stewart left her co-stars in tears at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 5 reunion while talking about sisterhood, but why did she call Kenya Moore a stalker?

    While chatting it up with Andy Cohen, Jurnee Smollett and Trina Braxton on “Watch What Happens Live” last night, Andy recalled that Porsha really touched her co-stars last week.

    Letting fans in on the fact that she had NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss in tears, Porsha revealed that she made a moving speech while shooting the reunion

    “It was about sisterhood. It was about keeping it real and 100,” Porsha explained, adding that she feels it brought all of them closer together. “It was nice afterwards. I really connected with them.”

    Speaking of sisterhood, though, one fan wanted to know if Porsha really believed that Phaedra Parks is true friend to her.

    “Phaedra, she has her moments with people,” Porsha explained. “If she senses that you’re being fake with her, then she’s going to give you fake Phaedra. If she feels that you’re real, then she’s going to be sincere with you. So, for me, I feel like she’s sincere.”

    She’s wasn’t quite so diplomatic about her co-star Kenya Moore, who she semi-accussed of stalking ex-boyfriend Walter Jackson. One “RHOA” fan, who admittedly is not feeling Kenya, questioned why the former Miss USA constantly bashes Walter but can’t take

    “That’s the person who is the villain and the victim. She plays both sides,” said Porsha. “If you want to be with a man and he doesn’t want to be with you, then you’re the stalker not him.”

    Porsha’s been on the receiving end of some criticism as well this season, most notably over the dynamics of her marriage. The ladies feel that her hubby Cordell Stewart is a little on the controlling side, but she disagrees and she did not appreciate how the cast was talking about her last week. All that said, though, she feels right at home on “RHOA” because she knows how to handle being among such strong characters.

    “I fit in just fine. I let them know how I feel, and I deal with the heat in the kitchen,” Porsha stated. “They’re strong and independent, and they do what they want to do. And I do what I want to do.


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