Reality TV men should let their wives fight their own battles

    Kirk_KMichelleI’m a reality TV junkie. I watch them like older people watch “The Young and the Restless.” That means the shows are DVR’d and TiVo’d like clockwork. From catchphrases emblazoned on T-shirts to national boycotts prompting criticism from celebrities, reality TV always offers something to talk about.

    The latest interesting turn of events is that reality show men are turning up the heat. When “Real Housewives of Atlanta” first premiered five seasons ago, the husbands were mere sounding boards. Now, they’re not only part of the drama, they’re starting it. The increased involvement of men on reality shows has taken some viewers and cast members by surprise.

    In the case of “RHOA” couple Porsha and Kordell Stewart, questions of Kordell’s “controlling” behavior multiplied after he inserted himself in a disagreement between Porsha and Cynthia Bailey. It’s understood that a husband’s role in his wife’s life is to protect her from harm, but when it comes to defending her against another woman, it’s usually best that she hold her own and fight her own battle.

    Cynthia Bailey gets a talking to from Kordell Stewart.

    It is never okay for a man to call a woman out of her name to defend the honor of his lady, no matter how you slice it or say it in another language. In the world of reality TV, it makes the fans question your motives and even your manhood. Kirk Frost, rapper Rasheeda’s husband, recently learned that the hard way. With VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” returning soon, I think Kirk might have wanted to give fans a taste of what’s to come. So, he posted an old picture of K.Michelle planting a kiss on Rasheeda’s cheek to Instagram with a caption that read: “…????? I think she really liked Rasheeda like REALLLYY liked her, like wanted the BOX ????????????????? NOT!”

    And in true K.Michelle fashion, she retaliated with: “Listen @FROST117 nobody want ur wife’s ole wrinkled p****.”

    While it’s clear that K.Michelle can take care of herself, even when verbally challenged by a grown man, many agree that Kirk was out of order for attacking her and talking about her sexuality. One S2S Facebook user wrote: “all i have to say is who DF is kirk? I love k.michelle…kirk is being a B!tch. Arguing with a female-__-).”

    I understand publicity stunts to hype the show before the premiere, but did you have to sink so low? When did this become okay, people? The point, the blank and period is, it’s NOT.

    This stunt and other instances on other shows suggest that maybe some men have forgotten how to treat women. In fact, K. said it best when she tweeted: “Men don’t argue over Twitter with a woman.” Let women handle their own battles.

    Do you agree? Is it ever a good idea for a man to inject himself into females’ drama? Leave your comments below.

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