‘RHOA’ season 5 recap 3.18.13

    Photo courtesy of BravoPorsha: “I feel a little confused”

    Porsha Stewart may have a picture perfect life, but that doesn’t mean she never sheds any tears.

    While unpacking from her trip to Vegas, hubby Kordell finds the pregnancy test that Kandi Burruss bought for Porsha after the housewife declined to drink while on the trip and decided to eat a few pickles. After Porsha and Kordell determined that she need only urinate on the stick for seconds, not a whole two minutes, Porsha realizes she’s not pregnant. She’s a bit disappointed, and that’s compounded when Kordell admits that he wouldn’t have been that excited about a baby.

    “That does scare me because I don’t feel like we’re really on the same page,” she says.

    The subject comes up again later, and that’s when Porsha ends up with tears streaking through her usually perfect makeup. Kordell makes it even more clear that he’s not entertaining any baby talk until she cools it with all that “career” stuff.

    “I want you to be a mom,” he states after Porsha suggests they could hire a nanny.

    One wonders what career Kordell and Porsha are referring to. Is her charity work taking up time? Porsha has employees for that. Could Kordell be talking about Porsha’s reality TV “job”? Is that the “career” that’s standing between her and motherhood? Hmmmm.

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