‘RHOA’ season 5 recap 3.18.13

    Photo courtesy of Bravo

    Photo courtesy of Bravo

    Cynthia: “I sympathize with how Kenya feels”

    Cynthia Bailey’s hubby Peter Thomas hosts an event to encourage men’s health. He bonded with Walter Jackson, Kenya Moore’s ex, in Anguilla, and decides to invite Walter to the event. Luckily, Cynthia already warned Kenya, who showed up with some eye candy in the form of a former NFL player.

    “I sympathize with how Kenya feels about seeing Walter,” Cynthia said.

    Walter and Kenya barely make eye contact. Kenya keeps it classy and even admits that Jamal is a platonic friend. She’s not trying to rub a new romance in Walter’s face.

    However, that doesn’t keep Walter from throwing quite a few jabs at Kenya when he’s around the fellas. He basically tells the man that the 40-something beauty queen is too old for him. It seems Walter likes them young, like he likes his rims: 22s, 24s, 26s, he said.

    Though the men don’t react much, they do trade a few questionable glances when Walter says he never engaged in sexual intercourse with Kenya.

    That’s something Cynthia later shares with Kenya who wonders, “If [he wasn’t] attracted to me, why’d [he] even bring [his] a$$ to Anguilla?”

    Great question, but Cynthia doesn’t have an answer. Just advice.

    “I’ve been in relationships that didn’t end so great. You just gotta get over it. You gotta move on,” Cynthia said.

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