‘RHOA’ season 5 recap 3.18.13

    Photo courtesy of Bravo

    Photo courtesy of Bravo

    Kenya: “I’m really tired of hearing his name”

    Kenya and Cynthia Bailey go shopping for costumes to wear to Kenya’s upcoming party. That’s when Cynthia lets Kenya know about Walter Jackson’s latest jabs. Kenya’s ex told Peter Thomas and the fellas that Kenya was too old for him.

    Kenya wondered out loud whether it was really her age that displeased Walter or her gender.

    “I’ve never even seen the man with an erection,” she told Cynthia. “Maybe I would have got a rise out of Walter if I had pecs and not breasts.”

    It was bad enough that Walter showed up at Peter’s men’s health event, but Kenya had ample warning, and Walter is a man, so it is what it is. However, it seems the former Miss USA just can’t escape! A pleasant Kenya showed up to Kandi Burruss’ housewarming ready to hang out with friends and celebrate her co-star’s good fortune. Instead, she was once again faced with drama and what some would consider betrayal.

    If Kenya was hoping her cast mates would understand her feelings about “never hearing his name” again, she can forget it. In fact, Porsha Stewart, for one, admitted that she enjoyed seeing Walter at Peter’s event.

    While the men seemed to be hoping drama would ensue, the ladies were hoping to avoid it. Not long after she arrived, Kandi escorted Kenya downstairs (away from Walter) to inform her of his presence. Kenya’s mood changed with a quickness. She called Walter a stalker and stormed toward the door, proving once again that she knows how to make an exit.

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