Claudia Jordan talks ‘one-sided’ Tamar Braxton beef

    Tiny Tonight

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    Claudia Jordan hasn’t got a problem with Tamar Braxton, but she thinks the singer’s got a bone to pick with her.

    “It’s a one-sided beef. Before I did ‘Tiny Tonight’ I had never seen The Braxtons or whatever show she had. I had never heard her music,” The model told Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” on Monday.

    Claudia revealed that she’d been warned that Tamar was a little “extra,” but she didn’t see the problem with that at first. In fact, she thought having someone over-the-top on the show might even be fun.

    “She was cool the first day of rehearsals,” the model said, adding that things quickly went down hill from their initial meeting. “The first day to the second the vibe just changed tremendously to the point that,where in the audience—I kept my composure—but the girls were like, ‘Way to keep it classy Claudia, we love you!’ They felt bad for me.”

    Things really got ugly when Tamar got the impression that Claudia may have called her a gold digger because of the standards that she sets for relationships. Simply put, Tamar believes that she deserves to be spoiled with the finer things in life and she believes that it is an attitude that more women should adopt. Claudia, on the other hand, is a little more relaxed about her dates.

    “I say, ‘Hey, I’m not a gold digger,’ and you take offense to that, then you might want to take a look at yourself. I never said anything about her being a gold digger. I don’t know her like that. She was definitely firing shots like I don’t have standards because I don’t expect a guy on a  first date to take me on a private jet.”

    Claudia may have fired a slick shot with her next statement that only a certain type of a woman in the world’s oldest profession has

    “I think hookers do that or high-end call girls. I think we can go bowling, we can hang out, we can kick it. We can do normal people stuff,” “I think when you put all these demands on a man on a first date, he has the right to put all these demands on you.”

    Despite the undercover shade she had just thrown at Tamar, Claudia insisted that “I don’t hate her.” In fact, Claudia had been thinking of ways to foster a little peace with Tamar before they go back to shooting “Tiny Tonight” because there are still two episodes left on their contracts.

    “I was going to call her and say, ‘We should actually talk’ because I don’t want to go back to a hostile [work environment],” said Claudia, who upon further reflection may not be working with Tamar anymore now that she’s having a baby.

    That said, she still hasn’t congratulated Tamar on her baby news. But the model said it has nothing to do with her strained relationship with the “Love & War” singer. Rather, she doesn’t have the ability to do so online anymore. “I blocked her on all of social media. She was talking about me on Twitter, I heard, so I didn’t want to be tempted to respond.”


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