‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 3.19.13

    Yandy SmithYandy Smith got engaged on Monday night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop”! Watch her reaction to Mendeecees proposal!

    Mendeecees asks for Yandy’s hand

    Love was definitely in the air on Monday’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop” as Mendeecees asked Yandy’s mom Laura for her permission to marry the musical manager.

    Admittedly, Laura doesn’t know him too well. Seeing as how Yandy and Mendeecees already have a son together, though, she gave him her blessing.

    After several years, and a baby, he was a little concerned that Laura may not feel he is good enough to marry Yandy. She put those fears to rest by revealing that she hasn’t had a picture perfect past; therefore, she could never judge him. Instead of shunning him, Laura extended the olive branch to get to know Mendeecees better.

    Her main concern, though, is whether Mendeecees is really the type of man to stand by Yandy’s side no matter what.

    Yandy’s getting married!

    When Mendeecees got down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage, Yandy couldn’t believe it. instead of just answering “yes” or “no” when he popped the question, she was utterly surprised.

    Erica wants Rich back

    Rich Dollaz has made it very clear that his relationship with Erica Mena is a wrap! It’s not that he doesn’t like her. It’s not that he isn’t attracted to her. But mixing business with pleasure has his company Dollaz Unlimited looking really crazy.

    But after Erica decided to host a party on her own, without running it past Rich, he dropped her as an almost-client as well. Then he gave her record “Where Do I Go” to Olivia.

    She wasn’t willing to give him up so easily, though, and she dropped by his place to have a real conversation and make a very special delivery: herself.

    Rich recruits a spy

    While Erica’s trying to keep her relationship with Rich together, his ex-girlfriend Tiffany is hoping to tear it apart! Somehow, Tiffany has gotten herself into Erica’s circle as a spy for Rich.

    Ignoring the fact that trust is clearly a lost concept in this situation, it’s a little odd that any woman would agree to spy on the woman that her ex is currently dating. Especially if she’s still in love with guy!

    This is just messy from beginning to end, but who knew Rich had it like that?!

    The spy who loves him, wants Rich all to herself. For life.

    Raqi asks for Joe’s help

    Raqi is still angling for a radio show any type of way that she can. After their falling out, she thought it might be a buzzworthy move to get Joe on her sporadic online edition of “Random Rock Candy.”

    He wasn’t exactly feeling the idea at first because although they have made uneasy amends, he was willing to consider the idea as long as she apologized to Tahiry. Raqi’s pride was not about to let her go there without some serious consideration, though. The way she reacted to his request, you’d think he’d asked her to pick up his trash.

    All that said, we don’t disagree with Raqi’s reluctance to apologize to Tahiry without any guarantee from Joe.

    Joe plans trip with Tahiry

    If viewers haven’t gotten the message yet, Joe is more or less riding for Tahiry. Since season 3 began, he’s popped up on Tahiry more times than we can count all in the name of establishing a friendship with the his former love.

    Now Joe has taken his campaign of support to a new level by proposing that he join Tahiry on her trip to the Dominican Republic to patch things up with her dad. He’s even willing to pay for his own ticket! And before viewers get any ideas about his real intentions, he breaks down exactly what he’s not going to do on the trip to DR.

    Tahiry (like many, we’re sure) didn’t sound very convinced. Her face when Joe said he thinks he should go on the trip with her to the Dominican Republic, is pure comedy!


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