Behind The Scenes: Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne shoot ‘High School’

    Nick iMinaj & Lil Wayne

    Photo courtesy

    Nicki Minaj thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention as she shot the video for “High School” with Lil Wayne.

    It’s still not clear what set Weezy into his most recent round of seizures, but it seemed that he was doing just in Los Angeles days before the episode as he joked around with Nicki on the set.

    Not only does it look like Nicki will be living living la dolce vida in the visual for “High School,” but she’s so privileged that she didn’t even have to walk if she didn’t want as she had one security guard carry her around on command!

    The “Super Bass” femcee even teased Baby about the fact that she toyed with the idea of making him her husband in the video. Ultimately, she decided against the casting because she didn’t want to overload his schedule.

    Something tells us that he would have made the time for that role!


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