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    Brely Evans might be tremendously busy juggling her recurring role on BET’s new series, “Being Mary Jane,” and as the spokesmodel for Jenny Craig, but she didn’t mind catching up with S2S to tell us about the new show and her stunning weight loss.

    “Being Mary Jane,” produced by Akil Productions (the same company that produced “Girlfriends”), explores the plight of a single, Black female Atlanta news anchor, who has found professional success but is still in search of Mr. Right. Brely plays Michelle, Mary Jane’s friend, and publicist to the stars. Brely described her character as a Samantha from “Sex and the City” type of girl because she is fun, single and not interested in marriage.

    “Michelle brings comedy to the show and does some crazy things!” she explained. Although she is known as an actress with a talent for improvising, Brely says she will definitely be sticking to the script this time around. “Mara [Brock-Akil] is such a prolific writer, I call her a lyricist. The way she writes is melodic. It rolls off the tongue,” the actress said of the show’s writer and producer.

    As if a new series isn’t enough, the fabulous performer has even more to share despite there being less of her. She recently dropped 40 pounds on the Jenny Craig program and plans to lose even more.

    “I was looking at Jordin [Sparks]’s body and how she lost all that weight, I was like I don’t want to be the only fat girl on the red carpet to Sparkle.”  Brely called Jenny Craig and when the marketing department heard about her ambition to lose weight for the red carpet, they told her she would be the face of Jenny Craig. “I love Jenny Craig for life. They have really changed my life.” She also plans to do a swimsuit photo shoot when she loses the last 10 pounds.

    In addition to being an actress, Brely is also a singer and songwriter, and she sends her personal message – “stop aspiring, start being” – to everyone.

    “I want all the young girls to know when you want to do something you have to just do it. God has given me the opportunity to be in front and I want to use this time to inspire someone to be great,” Brely says.

    “Being Mary Jane” is set to premiere in spring 2013 on BET.

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