Tatyana Ali evades questions about Drake hookup


    Tatyana Ali, Second Generation Wayans

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    It’s no secret that “Second Generation Wayans” actress Tatyana Ali may have the hots for rapper Drake, but after a recent interview on the Wendy Williams’ show, it seems the two may have a closer connection than previously thought.

    After partying it up with him for her 34th birthday, Wendy asked if Drake and Tatyana had ever hooked up before. The actress kept her answer short and sweet. “He is absolutely brilliant, and I am a huge fan of his,” she said.

    While she made sure to steer clear of the question at hand, her high-pitched voice and stuttering led Wendy to draw her own conclusions, which segues to one-night stands, something Tatyana reportedly enjoys. She confirmed that she isn’t against them.

    After doing a Q&A interview with The Huffington Post, in which she revealed one-night stands were one of her “guilty pleasures, she wanted to clear that statement up a bit.

    “Here’s the thing, the one-night stands thing, that’s actually not true. I said it, yeah, but I was tongue-in-cheek with a lot of the answers… it’s not really true,” she said.

    Oh, and did we forget to mention that she also told the Huff Post that if she had a reality show she’d name it “Dirty Laundry” or “I Love Drake!”

    “…In which I stalk him on tour and try to make him realize we’re meant to be together. God, I love his voice,” she said.

    While Tatyana is known for her no filter humor, she said she was surprised by all the negative backlash she received after the one-night stand comment.

    “It’s 2013. I’m a grown woman. If that were the case what is the problem? Everyone’s grown, everyone’s consenting,” she said.


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