Chad Johnson accuses Evelyn Lozada of cheating

    Chad Johnon & Evelyn Lozada

    Photo courtesy Twitter

    Chad Johnson is dropping some hints that he may not have been the only creeping in his relationship with Evelyn Lozada.

    Somehow, Evelyn got caught in the middle when Chad went off on his ex-wife’s PR agent Danika Berry. It’s not clear what set Chad off, but he soon shifted his focus and started taking shots at Evelyn!

    That’s when he accused Evelyn of doing a little cheating of her own. The pair broke up last year after about six weeks of marriage when Chad reportedly head butted Evelyn after she found a reciept for condoms that he had purchased. But according to him, Chad may not have been the only one in their union with another lover.

    “@danikadbagency Let’s talk about the late night text messages and sneaking around she was doing while we together smashing CERTAIN people!” Chad tweeted yesterday. “Since you want to open up a can let’s air out the dirty laundry of the oh so saved and righteous when its convenient!”

    That may have been in reference to Evelyn’s new evened-out attitude now that she’s trying to work on being a better, more mature person. Evelyn’s noticeably investing more in her own spirituality, and he stated that she wants God to pick her next husband.

    Chad added, “F*ck you and your PR campaign to keep them 15 minutes alive…she better hope that YMCNB d*ck keep her straight 4 life.”

    “KEEP TALKIN CUZ I’M WALKIN…” Evelyn tweeted.

    On Instagram she responded to Chad with a quote from Tony Gaskins, writing, “Negative people need drama like Oxygen! Stay positivie, it’ll take their breath away.”

    She threw in a little more online wisdom, “Fools talk because they’re trying to convince themselves. The wise are quiet because they already know their truth.”

    Danika has yet to respond to Chad’s online comments.

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