Kerry Washington questions Olivia and Fitz’s affair on ‘Scandal’

    Olivia Pope & Fitzgerald Grant Scandal

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    Kerry Washington has a little hesitation about the relationship between Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant on “Scandal.”

    It’s hard for most people–women especially–to root for an affair to work out. But every week, that’s exactly what many “Scandal” fans do! The chemistry between Fitz and Olivia has been tangible from the moment they got in the same frame when “Scandal” premiered last year.

    When Fitz said he wanted a divorce from his calculating wife Mellie it left fans (like us at S2S) gagging! But now that Fitz has recommitted to his marriage while trying to resist his passion for the professional fixer, lots of viewers are wondering where their leaves his love with Olivia.

    When asked if he believes that Olivia and Fitz will wind up together, Tony Goldwyn gave a ringing endorsement. “Yeah! I don’t know how we’ll get there, but I do think that these two people do belong together,” said Tony, who plays Fitz. “Their hearts and soul…everything is just wrapped up in one another.”

    Kerry doesn’t sound quite as sure about Fitz and Olivia’s fate as a couple, though. In fact, she’s not even really sure that they’re meant to be. “I don’t know that Fitz and Olivia belong together” Kerry told TV Guide. “I believe in their love for each other, but I don’t know what the future holds for them.”

    One thing she does acknowledge, though, is that “Scandal” does have people rethinking the nature of relationships. “I like that they make us question what love is, what marriage should be. What is commitment,” said Kerry. “Is commitment being true to yourself and following your heart or is commitment based on the vows you make that you make at the altar?”

    Even though nothing is going on between Kerry and Tony off camera (he’s a happily married man), the actors have a great admiration for one another. “She’s a really extraordinary person. I knew she was a great actress, but getting to know her and working with her–she’s this deeply good, loving person,” said Tony. “Then we have this really weird chemistry that we don’t talk about much together because we don’t want to jinx it.”

    “What don’t I love about Tony? Tony Goldwyn is phenomenal human being. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s humble,” Kerry said before joking that he’s not really her type. “I would say that his one flaw is that he’s not good to look at.”

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