Chadwick Boseman talks ’42’

    Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson - 42

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    Chadwick Boseman really impressed the athletes on set while shooting the Jackie Robinson biopic 42.

    Chadwick, who played basketball in school, grew up watching The Brooklyn Dodgers among other baseball teams with his father and other men in his family. Like most people growing up, he knew generally what Jackie did for the game and  civil rights. When he landed the starring role in 42, Chadwick gained an even better perspective on how Jackie used his ability to creatively respond to racist fans and players.

    “I obviously knew that he was a great ball player, but I didn’t necessarily understand how he impacted the game,” Chadwick explained. “I gained a greater appreciation for his strategy and how he was using that strategy to answer back, to fight back, when he couldn’t say anything and he couldn’t do anything physically.”

    Shooting 42 held a lot of special memories for Chadwick, but his favorite moment on the set landed on the cutting room floor.

    “There’s a scene–the entire thing is not in the movie–but there’s a bunt. I enjoy it because we would always have a bet about whether or not I could lay the bunt down correctly,” Chadwick told S2S. “I did it five or six times in a row. The actual baseball players that were out there couldn’t believe I could do it.”

    He added, “It’s a push bunt, which is an extra-hard type of bunt to do between the pitcher and first base.”

    Of the moments that fans will actually be able to see, though, Chadwick said his favorite scene is one with Harrison Ford. “I enjoyed much of the work that I did with Harrison,” said Chadwick.  “I like the scene where I’m being fixed up to put stitches in my leg and Harrison comes in. To me, it’s one of the most intimate scenes that we have.”

    Check out Chadwick in 42 when it hits theaters April 12! For now check out a trailer for the biopic below!

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