Lauren London ‘nervous’ about ‘The Game’

    Lauren London

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    Lauren London is a little nervous about how fans will receive her when “The Game” returns for season 6.

    The moment of truth is almost here for “The Game” fans. Many viewers couldn’t possibly imagine a show without Melanie and Derwin Davis, but Lauren and Jay Ellis have stepped up to round out the cast of the new couple.

    Lauren’s fans are more accustomed to seeing her do major roles on the big screen while sticking to guest spots and recurring roles on TV. When she was first approached about doing “The Game” she thought that’s what she was signing up for.

    “I didn’t know how big of a role my character was gonna play in the audition. I actually just thought I was gonna be, like, you know, somewhat like a guest starring role,” Lauren told “The scene that I auditioned for was hilarious. I remember going and watching the scene and really just being into the character, not knowing how big of a role it was gonna turn into.”

    Despite her own expectations about what the role would be, she couldn’t pass up the chance for a spot on the central cast. “When they came to me with the offer of course I was like, ‘Yes!’” Lauren said. “It’s such a big show on a cable network and just for black television period. And it was a comedy and I hadn’t done that. So all these things lined up and it just made me want to do it.”

    Starting Tuesday, fans of the show will see Lauren playing a former child star named Kiera. She’s not sure what viewers will be expecting of her and her performance when they tune in, but Lauren’s confident in what she brought to the set when season 6 of “The Game” began shooting last year.

    “There’s a little bit of nervous energy. I gave my best and I can just pray and hope that stands out and that people can see with new eyes and be accepting,” Lauren admitted. “Hopefully I’m entertaining enough and funny and they’ll appreciate that. But I gave my best and I definitely want to still keep the same standard. I don’t think I did too bad.”

    That said, Lauren’s got a positive outlook on season 6 of “The Game” as a whole! “I’ve done a couple of things since I came back from having my child, but this is something new. I saw the first episode and it’s even new for ‘The Game,'” she mused. “I think it’s good for television, I think it’s good. I really think it’s gonna be good.”

    Catch season 6 of “The Game” when it premieres March 26 at 10 p.m. EST on BET!


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