‘Married to Medicine’ offers something different

    Photo courtesy of Bravo

    Photo courtesy of Bravo

    Bravo’s new “Married to Medicine,” premiering Sunday on Bravo, offers something the reality TV world has been missing.

    While the series stays true to the formula of taking women—some who like one another and some who don’t—and requiring them to spend time with one another, it differs from its VH1 counterpart “Basketball Wives” in that (1) the majority of the women are actually wives, and (2) instead of flaunting their material possessions, there’s a lot more pride taken in their career status.

    Though many of the stars of “Love & Hip Hop,” “BBW,” “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and other reality series are educated, it’s barely noticed or brought up in conversation on the shows. However, “Married to Medicine” introduces viewers to women like Dr. Jacqueline Walters, a happily married OBGYN who “lives by the philosophy ‘work hard, play hard,’” according to Bravo.

    There’s also Dr. Simone Whitmore, a mom and wife, who represents Spelman College and mentors in her spare time.

    Fans won’t just see the ladies shopping and doing lunch. They’ll see them in the office, proving that having it all can include an actual 9-to-5 job and successful career.

    That’s not to suggest there’s no ratchetness involved.

    There are those who don’t quite take to the doctors’ somewhat conservative and ever-so-proper ways, and that’s where drama ensues.

    In the premiere episode, self-proclaimed Queen Bee, Mariah Huq, who is “the nucleus of all the women,” invites the ladies over to celebrate her birthday. She’s a friend to Quad Webb-Lunceford, whose rough-around-the-edges mannerisms and new status as a doctor’s wife causes a bit of tension.

    While Quad is like a little sister to Mariah, not all the women are feeling that love. Quad, known as the “Black Barbie,” might look like a doll, but she’s not to be played with.

    There’s also Kari White, who goes on dates with her surgeon husband twice a week, and Toya Harris, who’s “always on top of [her] game.”

    Tune in Sunday at 9 p.m. EST for the premiere and get a peek below.

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