Brandy reflects on being a brown-skinned beauty


    Photo by Derek Blanks

    Kelly Rowland’s not the only diva that had a problem appreciating her complexion. Brandy’s revealing that she also struggled to accept her own beauty.

    The “Wildest Dreams” singer revealed to EUR Web that she didn’t always have confidence in her looks. She particularly had problems with her distinct features. When asked if it was ever a challenge for her to like what she saw in the mirror, Brandy revealed that she did–as many women have at one point in their lives or another.

    “Absolutely. Just…my mom used to always say, ‘You know, Brandy, you have a unique beauty,'” Brandy admitted. “Just having far apart eyes and having different features, you know, high cheek bones and different things you kinda have to grow into. I definitely struggled with that. I didn’t think I was you know cute for a very long time.”

    Brandy added that she can definitely identify with Kelly’s own story of coming to love being “chocolate,” stating, “No one can be you, no one is you but you. And you really connect with that and embrace that.”

    Recently Kelly spoke out on the fact that it took her years to celebrate her complexion, as she would avoid getting too much sun so that she didn’t get darker. Even for someone that is familiar with Kelly, the story came as something of a surprise.

    “I’ve known Kelly for a very, very long time and she always seem to be so–not only confident, but she was always beautiful within,” said Brandy. “So it just always showed through her eyes and through her smile and everything. You never would’ve known that.”

    Directly addressing Kelly she continued, “I’m just glad that she’s able to not only recognize her inner beauty but recognize her outer beauty. Because you are a BAD You know what! I don’t wanna say it on camera!”

    On top of that she’s giving Kelly major props for using her status to share the fact that even one of the most beautiful women in the world wasn’t always so confident. Brandy hope that these revelations will help their fans to feel a little less alone.

    “It’s great to be in a position where you can be honest and realize that you know, your light or your celebrity can be a testimony to other people to not feel like their alone,” Brandy explained. “You know you want to be relatable and I love that about Kelly that she’s relatable and you just…feel like she’s your sister and I know my fans, they feel like I’m auntie or big sis or cousin because they feel like they can relate and that’s so important.”

    She concluded, “So many of us don’t wanna feel by ourselves, like we’re the only ones going through something. Because it’s not true.”



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