Joyful Drake dishes on new season of ‘Let’s Stay Together’

    Joyful Drake

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    Joyful Drake is back for season 3 of BET’s original romantic comedy series “Let’s Stay Together.”

    This season, Joyful’s character, Tasha, has evolved professionally. “She’s turning into a mini mogul and helping her husband find his way,” Joyful explained. “Her wardrobe game and her shoe game has evolved also,” she added. At one point Tasha struggles with the fact she is the breadwinner of the family but wants to make her husband Jamal (RonReaco Lee) feel like he’s still a man and head of the household.

    Kyla Pratt’s character Crystal is having man trouble too. She has to deal with the aftermath of discovering her NFL football playing boyfriend Darkanian is gay. Joyful said this storyline opened her eyes to a lot of things. “It let’s you in on why he may want to cover this up.” On the other hand, Kita (Erica Hubbard) takes a huge risk that causes her and Tasha to fall out. “I didn’t want to do the scene. It got so intense we had to step back and take a moment,” Joyful confessed. According to the Milwaukee native, the audience should prepare to be shocked and angry.

    All scenes weren’t that heavy. Joyful, not considering herself a comedic actress, said she had one of her best comedy moments when she shot a flash forward scene. She was excited as soon as she read the script because it was nothing like she imagined. Joyful also had an emotional moment when she saw her sister and stand-in Krystal Drake have her first speaking line in an Alfonso Ribero directed episode.

    This fall Joyful stars opposite Ryan Philippe in his directorial debut Shreveport. In the meantime, catch the season premier of BET’s “Let’s Stay Together” March 26 after “The Game.”

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