‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 3.25.13

    RHOA5recap_Porsha_32513Porsha: “It was a baby to me.”

    Porsha Stewart opened up about her miscarriage early on in season 5 of “RHOA,” but it seems she may not have completely come to terms with her emotions over the loss. The trophy wife visits a therapist to discuss her feelings—something Porsha hasn’t done with hubby Kordell Stewart.

    “Even though I was only four months, it was a pregnancy, and I was attached to it,” she said. “It was a baby to me, and it was something that I always wanted.” Now, that she’s ready to try again, Porsha admitted that she’s afraid. She doesn’t want to go through the experience alone, and she’s not sure how much support she will get from Kordell, who’s pretty much already told her that their child will be her responsibility. Porsha agrees to bring her husband to the next session with the therapist and share her feelings. Will she be able to persuade Kordell that now is the time to try again?

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