Torrei Hart talks divorce from Kevin Hart

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    Now that their split has been finalized, Torrei Hart is speaking out about the terms of her divorce from Kevin Hart.

    Torrei has been making a name for herself recently through her comedian dup and their hilarious spoofs of “Basketball Wives: LA” and most recently Destiny’s Child. But her ex-hubby has not been spared from her wit as she did a surprisingly accurate impression of him in one of her YouTube videos.

    It’s a far cry from her initial standup act where she blasted Kevin as their marriage came to an end. Last week, reported that their divorce was finalized and that Torrei got $175,000, a car and jewelry in their settlement based on their pre-nuptial agreement.

    However, Torrei told that they got one major fact wrong. There was no pre-nuptial agreement,” she revealed. “Kevin and I have known each other ever since we were very young, and we genuinely loved each other. I knew Kevin when we both had very little. We built our love, our marriage, our family, and the Hart Empire from scratch together.”

    Despite that fact that she and Kevin were once on very bad terms, Torrei said their getting along much better these days and she can’t knock his dedication to being a good dad.

    “Kevin is a great father to both of our beautiful children. Like all marriages, we’ve been through a lot together. At the end of the day, Kevin knows the truth” Torrei stated, admitting that she has some faults of her own. “He knows that I was the strong woman by his side every step of the way. I am nowhere near perfect, and I can admit that I have flaws, but he knows what I’ve had to endure over the last several years.”

    She continued on, revealing the fact that Kevin still does very nice things for her every now and then as well. “Although things have been up and down, Kevin and I are actually really good friends. I recently had a yacht birthday party, and Kevin paid for everything,” she said. “We have children together, and our goal is to make sure that we provide a nurturing environment for them at all costs.

    Torrei also released a statement on the split, explaining why she has no intention of focusing on Kevin’s past infidelities.

    “I could go into detail about extra-marital affairs, and other problems that many American couples have, but I won’t. Some who’ve walked in these shoes would boast, ‘I’ve lived the Diary of a Mad Black Woman… almost scene by scene,’ but I won’t,” said Torrei, who is still optimistic about her love life. “I am not disheartened by the way things have turned out. It is no surprise to me. Kevin has chosen to be very vocal with his spin on his affairs and life choices.”

    In the meantime, the comedienne is focusing on continuing to build her career and being a good role model for other women, whether they’re going through a divorce or not.

    “I, Torrei Hart, will be a pillar for hundreds of thousands of women who are afraid to live life after life with their wealthy and/or powerful husbands,” Torrei stated. “Women are too often defined by the pocket-size of their “pocket-sized” husbands. We are desperate for more positive role-models who are living examples of women who work and hold our own while we are yet “good help” to a grateful husband.”

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