Daphne Wayans describes ‘immovable’ relationship with Keenen

    Photo courtesy of www.http://fanquarterly.com

    Photo courtesy of www.http://fanquarterly.com

    Daphne Wayans isn’t married to Keenen Ivory Wayans anymore, but the “Hollywood Exes” season 2 star, explained that they’re closer than ever.

    “We just have so much appreciation for each other,” Daphne told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. Though they were only married for about four years, they’ve been partners in life and in parenting for more than a decade.

    After adjusting to their marital split, Daphne said she held on to hope that things between them would improve.

    “I was going through so much pain in the divorce, and I just kept that picture in my mind that it had to be better,” she said. “There’s so much more openness, and I think we just have a mutual regard for each other. I never leave Keenen feeling any kind of bad way. Whenever I think he’s not in a good way or is confused about something I stop everything and go, ‘Okay, let’s talk about this.’ I very much want him to know that we’re still on the same team.”

    That close relationship might make it difficult for Keenen, who has a girlfriend, and Daphne, who’s single, to build new romantic relationships. Daphne clarified that whoever enters their lives must accept that their friendship isn’t going anywhere.

    “I’m the mother of those children. Even when I had an interest in men, I let them know: This relationship is immovable. Don’t try to compete with it; don’t get upset about it. This love is deep and long and it’s been built over a very long time and it’s been through tremendous tumults. And don’t ridge against it; you’ll make your life horrible,” she said.

    Cover_April2013_FantasiaDaphne talks more about being a Wayans, “Hollywood Exes” and wanting a new man, in the April 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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