Hosea Chanchez: Malik Wright’s grown up on season 6 of ‘The Game’

    Hosea Chanchez

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    Malik Wright’s going to be up to his old tricks on season 6 of “The Game,” but he’s grown up a little.

    When season 5 of “The Game” closed out last year, fans saw Malik doing some major backsliding as he broke up with his supermodel girlfriend Jenna and his career with the San Diego Sabers was hanging on by a thread. With everyone else rounding out their cycle on somewhat happy endings, Malik was the only one grappling with some major drama.

    After all the progress he’d made, season 5 Malik wound up looking a lot like his old self. So what’s really going on with BET’s favorite Quarterback? On top of that both Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry left the show at the end of season 5, taking their characters Melanie and Derwin Davis along with them. For a while the fate of the show was really in question! Fans won’t have to wait too much longer to find out as season 6 of “The Game” debuts tonight!

    From what Hosea Chanchez  told S2S, BET won’t keep fans in any more suspense “A lot of moments will happen in the premiere of the show, which is good,” Hosea said. “A lot of answers to questions that not only I had, but the fans and us as viewers had will get answered in that very first episode.”

    But what about Malik has completely fallen off the wagon? Not quite. The Sabers’ resident showboat is all about his hustle when he’s not playing off the field. “He is definitely back to his old ways,” Hosea said with a laugh. “Season 6 for him really getting his life back on track. Getting back to the top of the game, getting back to the athlete and the man that he used to be.”

    He added, “I know that’s really important for him because it validated his existence in the world that we see.”

    For those fearing that Malik’s will go back to being the man viewers met in season 1, Hosea assured us, “I wouldn’t let that happen!”

    Malik’s life won’t exactly be spiraling out of control, though. From what we heard, his struggles in the past will help Malik to make more mature decisions in the future. “It’s not as bad as it was because the good thing is all of his experiences prior to being ‘back’ have helped him to better a version of who he used to be,” said Hosea, “He’s grown up. He’s definitely grown up, but it’s just who he is.”

    That growth has allowed Malik to be a little more self-aware, too! “You get to see, wherever he’s lacking, he feels it. Like, he knows if he’s not a good guy, he’s not doing the right thing,” Hosea explained to S2S. “Before, it used to be all about him and in a way that he didn’t really care about anyone else’s opinion.”

    Overall, fans won’t be cringing as much over Malik’s wild ways and they’ll have way more opportunities to cheer him on in season 6. For Hosea, it just reflects how supportive fans of “The Game” really are when it comes to the Malik. They want to see the QB happy.

    “I think they’re going to enjoy this ride that they’re going to go on with him because he enjoys this ride,” said Hosea, who dished that Malik will take Derwin’s exit a little harder than most. “He doesn’t handle it too well, and that’s good because it’s real.”

    With Pooch and Tia leaving,  BET welcomed Jay Ellis and Lauren London to the cast. Initially, it was implied that Jay and Lauren’s characters would be the new couple on the show, but Hosea hinted that there may actually be a love triangle going on!

    “Me and Lauren had the most work this year, our characters because of the way producers wrote our relationship,”  Hosea teased. “I can’t really tell you, but it’s quick. We’re not making the audience wait until the end of the season to find out what’s going on with Kiera and Malik.”

    Catch up with Malik when season 6 of “The Game” kicks off tonight at 10 p.m.


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