‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 3.26.13

    Joe Budden kicks Kaylin Garcia to the curb?

    Kaylin Garcia found out exactly where her relationship with Joe Budden stands as he admitted that he’s still got some unresolved feelings about his ex-girlfriend Tahiry. Not only that, but he revealed to her that he was going to go to the Dominican Republic to figure out what’s really going on in his relationship with Tahiry (such as it is).

    Although he was doing her a favor by being honest and upfront about the situation, the news could leave Kaylin in a tough spot because she was homeless before she met Joe. As he explained, that’s not his main concern.

    While most women wouldn’t wait around to for their man to decide the fate of their relationship, Kaylin said she supports his decision to go and see where his heart truly lies. We’re not getting how Kaylin is so accepting of Joe’s actions, but we would have been out the door.

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