Someone gets shot on season 6 of ‘The Game’?

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    Tasha Mack’s going to be at the center of a volatile love triangle on season 6 of “The Game”! In fact someone might end up in the hospital.

    After a battery of romantic struggles, Tasha had finally found love again with her old friend Pookie from Richmond. The hired muscle, played by Rockmond Dunbar, and Tasha had been dancing around a relationship all throughout season 5 of “The Game” and when they finally got it together, it was the happiest viewers had seen Tasha since she was with Rick Fox.

    With Rick out of the picture, though, Tasha should be free to live happily ever after with Pookie, right? Maybe not.

    A sneak peek of season 6 revealed that Rick comes knocking on Tasha’s door. Since Pookie ain’t no punk, knew there was about to be some major fallout with Rick re-entering Tasha’s life.

    Rockmond confirmed that our speculations were correct!  “It gets nasty. It gets really, really nasty! It gets embarrassing,” Rockmond told S2S. “I think Mara and Salim did an incredible job–the writers did an incredible job–of making this plot twist that’s coming up.”

    In fact, Rockmond hinted that at one point, Pookie will come to blows with Rick Fox. Rick. Fox. “There’s going to be drama,” Rockmond revealed. “I tell you this one thing: I kick Rick Fox’s a*s! I kick his a*s. I break him down to the very last compound.”

    He added (possibly jokingly), “It gets nasty…somebody gets shot!”

    Drama aside, Rockmond is thrilled about season 6, stating, “I’m really happy to be a part of the show.”

    Catch the hour-long season 6 premiere of “The Game” when it airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST on BET.

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