Tara Lewis talks ‘hellacious’ experience on ‘The Sisterhood’

    The Sisterhood

    Tracy: A lot of reality stars admit they learn a lot about themselves and identify areas where they need to change after seeing themselves on TV. Did you watch and discover things about yourself that you want to work on?

    Tara: For me, it’s a little difficult to answer that because I really did want to go on there and after having had an inclination of the way the women were, the way things were going, I knew how important it was for me to be different than what we’ve seen. The only way that I can really answer that is to say when I watched it, I’m so thankful that I did demonstrate a behavior that I was proud of. I learned that I can have self-control when somebody is attacking me and disparaging remarks, or mocking me, or speaking ill of me right in my face. I learned that I really do have the ability to contain myself… If you really want to have a different disposition from someone else who’s misbehaving or acting out, you can do it.

    Brian: I definitely, what I would do differently, I would not tell a joke about the cops coming to my house, thinking that I’m just telling a joke, and I would definitely put more water and bubbles in the bubble bath next time. [laughs] I don’t think my wife needed to do anything different. My role was to give my wife counsel. The characters were this, they wanted Tara to fit into the Bible-thumper holier-than-thou character, and a lot of people bought into that… I would now go in really guarded and learn from the experience… If there’s a season 2, I’m going to enter it with eyes wide open.

    Tracy: Your co-stars accused you of being lofty. Can you see their point, or do you believe you were misjudged?

    Tara: They were trying to put me in a light that wasn’t really there. If you really look at the scene [in which Domonique asked us to go see her former pimp], basically I just inquired. They haven’t told me if he’s still a pimp. I don’t know where we’re going. I don’t know who this person is. I know that you have a child by him, but I don’t know if I’m in danger. I didn’t take a position. I decided to ask a question and find out more about the situation. Being lofty? No one saw what I went through. It was hellacious. That scene right there was painful. I cried. I had to get up and actually leave the room and gather myself because I was attacked about whether I could deal with people on a lower level, if they’re impoverished, if they’re former prostitutes or former pimps. I have a love for souls; it doesn’t matter. This attack on me being judgmental and lofty, wasn’t even there. Those statements were there to discredit me, to put me in a place where it looked like I was apart from them and I didn’t want to be involved. It was painful.

    Brian: You see me speaking with Tara on the phone, and in that conversation, she lets me know that Dominique has said that if they go visit the pimp that if you ask him questions, he may slap you, and if he does, I’m going to have to side with him. I’m thinking this woman wants to put my wife in harm’s way and knows that a man may actually physically hurt her, and she’s going to side with this man. There are a lot of things that weren’t seen that would be eye-opening to the audience.

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