Tara Lewis talks ‘hellacious’ experience on ‘The Sisterhood’

    Tara Lewis, Brian Lewis, The Sisterhood

    Tracy: It seems you feel as though they ostracized you from the beginning. Why do you think that was?

    Tara: It was based off their belief that the way that this show had to make it was for it to be the same drama that we see, that so many African-American women are disgusted [by]. Obviously, these other shows have the rating because you have different levels of human beings in society. There are a group of women who feel like these “wives” shows are disparaging; they’re malicious; they’re treacherous and they’re doing a disservice to society and our culture. There were certain people who came into this reality genre and they felt like the format that worked is the format they’re going to work. That format has been attack, judge, gossip, lie, diminish.

    Brian: This is a “wives” show. “Wives” shows are the worst of reality shows because they are based in conflict, competition, bravado, and most of these women they profess that they watch all the “Real Housewives” shows, so they know what works on those shows. I think they felt like this was the way to succeed, but as believers, we don’t succeed being like the world. We don’t succeed by doing things the way that the world does them. We succeed by doing them the way we should be doing them in the kingdom of God. I can’t speak for them. I can only tell you where I think it went wrong. Maybe the attitude was, maybe I can be as real as I can possibly be and still be a Christian.

    Tracy: What did you think of Domonique taking a shot [of liquor] in Miami?

    Tara: I thought, “Really? This is how you want the world to see you? Are you doing this because the cameras are on you, or is this really you?” It really made me question where does she really stand with alcohol. I understand wine. She had talked about wine getting off of the airplane, but she also referenced a bar. Most of the time when people reference bars it really is because they drink alcohol, not just a glass of wine. I was really shocked and some people picked up on the fact that I moved it away from her. Am I my sister’s keeper? Sure, I am.

    Brian: I wasn’t there, and I’m really working on not disparaging the cast. The audience will have to draw its own conclusion. Mine would be that this woman doesn’t need to be in a pastor position and needs to be in a place where she can really receive the healing and the deliverance that she needs from God through pastoral counsel and marital counsel and really get to the root issues that are driving her to want to drink, wanna bring men to the table, still have some type of desire for her former pimp…all these things that just really don’t meet the qualifications of leadership in the church.

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