Tara Lewis talks ‘hellacious’ experience on ‘The Sisterhood’

    Tara Lewis, The Sisterhood

    Tracy: Are you still in contact with your co-stars?

    Tara: No, and I laugh because after seeing the first episode, I was very distraught, angry, ticked off, hurt, saddened, and I did reach out, and when I reached out, it was to express that I can’t believe what I was seeing. I had already suffered for four months. There’s a second level to it. I have to watch them disparage and mock my family and myself as it’s being aired. When it wasn’t airing, was I in contact with them? Yes, but it was very minimal. They knew what they had done throughout the filming. I didn’t, but I could sense that there was no real sisterhood. I could sense that there was no real love between us.

    Brian: I was still willing to build friendships with everyone. When we saw how people talked about our marriage, our ministry and treated us with contempt and how they were gossiping on us, lying on us, bearing false witness, we were absolutely shocked. We were really hurt by it. We couldn’t continue in relationship with people who have an attempt to harm us.

    Tracy: If you return for a season 2, what would be your goals and what would you want viewers to take away?

    Tara: It would definitely be to cultivate a show that at the end of it, people would praise it, that the entire show would be one that people would look back and say, “What a difference. What a unique show. What an inspiration.” The approach would be one of love, one of truth and influence.

    Brian: We would definitely approach the show with trying our best to take it out of this conflict and cattiness and opinionated women in the church and do our best to get us all on the same page and take this as a platform to try to find projects and they could start going in and helping people and taking their knowledge of the Word and relationship with Christ into situations and circumstances and helping people change their lives. I think that would be better.

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