Kim Kardashian talks ‘Temptation’ and baby names

    kim-kardashian-kanye.jpgWhile Kim Kardashian is out promoting her appearance in Tyler Perry’s new movie, Temptation, some media outlets have chosen to focus on criticizing her growing pregnant body instead.

    The reality star told “Access Hollywood” that she’s heard that people have been concerned with her weight, guessing she’s gained as much as 75 pounds.

    “I’m like, ‘I haven’t even gained half of that yet.’ I just think it’s crazy just to see other people’s opinions, and it doesn’t bother me. I think I’ve grown a thick skin over the years,” she said.

    Instead of trying to hide her new body, Kim said she enjoys trying to dress for it and even has her clothing line make custom pieces for her.

    “I still love to feel stylish and still me, but it’s funny to see everyone has an opinion when you’re pregnant. I mean, you wear heels and it’s like, ‘How can you wear heels?’ That’s what I’m comfortable in. That’s what makes me feel good. You just really can’t pay attention to it,” she said.

    After rumors spread last week that Kim and Kanye West are naming their unborn child North West, Kim put that gossip to rest. She said they still aren’t stuck on one name yet, and although they do know the sex of the baby, they still have a few more months to pick the right name.

    “Names are really tough,” she said. “ We have tons of different names; I don’t think it’s that important [to start with a K], I think it would be cute just because Kanye and I both are Ks, not really for the family thing.”

    As for her role in Temptation, which debuts this Friday, the mommy-to-be said she’s really excited.

    “When Tyler reached out for me to do this film, I had always been such a big fan of Tyler’s work—I’d done acting before, but this was a really big deal for me,” she said. “It was amazing. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to do more.”

    Kim plays Ava, a sassy co-worker of Judith, (played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell), who Kim says has “no filter,” and that’s also where she says they differ.

    “I would say we have similarities, but my character Ava is definitely more just blunt about how she goes about trying to help people. I think she has good intentions; I have good intentions…but [Ava] just has no filter. I definitely have a filter, I definitely would not speak to someone the way Ava would, or I wouldn’t be that harsh,” she said.

    Kim says when it comes to balancing her career and her new responsibilities as a mom, she looks to her older sister Kourtney as her role model.

    “I take her life and how she manages to really juggle everything so perfectly, but be such an amazing mom and spend so much time—really equal time with everything. So I’d say she is my model in that sense. I definitely will prioritize, but I think you figure it out as you are experiencing it,” she said.

    Catch Kim and the rest of the cast when Temptation hits theaters this Friday.

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