Omarosa denies having red carpet at Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral

    Omarosa & Michael Clarke Duncan

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    Claudia Jordan accused Omarosa Manigault of turning Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral into a media circus.

    When Claudia came up against Omarosa in the boardroom earlier this week on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” this week, Donald Trump sent the model packing. While Claudia understood that that’s just the way things go on the reality show, she took issue with how her former friend Omarosa played the game. Apparently she didn’t know that O had a reputation for being a difficult opponent.

    “I knew her outside of [‘The Celebrity Apprentice’], so everybody would say, ‘Why are you friends with this girl? She’s rotten and she’s evil,'” Claudia told Wendy Williams yesterday.  “I saw a different side of her. I never really experienced that. Being on the show with her, I got to see. I guess that’s the real her.”

    According to Claudia, though, that’s not their only falling out. Apparently, Omarosa didn’t like the fact that Claudia had posted a picture on Instagram from her fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan’s funaral as she laid him to rest. Claudia, however, feels that was a minor offense if it was one at all because the picture she posted was in tribute to the Green Mile actor.

    “This woman had a red carpet at her fiance’s funeral, I think that’s a little bit more despicable. She was doing press at the funeral. How upset were you?” Claudia told Wendy, stating that Omarosa shouldn’t have had any problem with people taking pictures at Michael’s memorial. “There was a photographer by the body, so please . This is the first time I heard that she was upset about this”

    Claudia admits that she was tweeting from Michael’s funeral, but she felt that the whole event was more of a press opportunity than a homegoing service for a beloved actor. Beyond that she claimed that Omarosa never shed a tear at Michael’s funeral. And Claudia couldn’t believe some of the people that came to make an appearance while they mourned.

    “I was very disgusted at how things were at that funeral,” said Claudia before clarifying that she’s not happy to call Omarosa out. “I’m sorry! I hate to do this–she was my friend. It hurts my heart that I have to say this about another sista. I don’t like this.”

    Of course this might be yet another one-sided beef for Claudia, because Omarosa’s camp said she’s not all that concerned with the model.

    “She’s not thinking about Claudia,”the insider told S2S, adding that Omarosa will be chatting with Oprah in the very near future. “It’s Claudia having a beef in her own head. Omarosa never had a red carpet [at Michael’s funeral].”

    Although Omarosa will be sitting down with Oprah, she also dropped by “The Wendy Williams Show” this week. See what she had to say about her lawsuit against La Toya Jackson in the clip below!


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