Top 6 Moments: ‘The Game’ season 6 premiere

    The Game Season 6 cast

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    Despite some major changes to the cast lineup, “The Game” managed to stay the same. Check out our list of the can’t miss moments from the season 6 premiere of “The Game.”

    Derwin traded to Baltimore

    We feel like Pooch got into some real emotion when he shouted, “I don’t wanna leave.”Pooch was not happy about leaving the show, and he even made it clear that he was more than willing to return to “The Game” with or without Tia Mowry. But it seems that the season 6 premiere was his last show, and if he wasn’t happy about it, he got to work it out on the set.

    We’re sorry to see Pooch go, but we like that they traded him to Baltimore, where Melanie is in residency as Johns Hopkins. It makes sense for their story line. Writers for “The Game” kept labeling the Baltimore Ravens as the weakest team in the NFL, but let’s not forget that they did win Super Bowl XLVII this year!

    Even though Derwin kind of left in disgrace (he got drunk and head butted a ninja!), we’re thinking he definitely got the last laugh on this one.

    Kiera meets Bryce

    Two egos collided when “The Game” newbies Kiera and Bryce met for the first time. We can’t lie, Bryce definitely comes off more than a little cocky, so we’re cool with the fact that Kiera put him in his place with a kiss letting him know that being the #1 draft pick might make him a sports star, but a little controversy will make him famous.

    After she laid a serious smooch on his lips she let him know the way the game really goes. “Now we’re dating,” she said, informing him of all the rumors that can come from a simple kiss. “By tonight we’ll be engaged. By tomorrow we’ll be married. Now you’re famous

    Even after that, he still didn’t realize he had to do more than just show up to get the girl he was really after. Tweets are not the way to a woman’s heart if she’s really worth anything, and Kiera made it very clear that he had to come correct if he wanted to be with her. Unfortunately for him, Kiera wasn’t about to hop in bed with him after just one night, so he wound up enjoying Ciara’s goodies instead.

    Chardonnay is on her Carrie Bradshaw

    Apparently the 100th episode is taking place during Chardonnay and Chardonnay’s honeymoon! And although Jason is still just about as cheap as ever Chardonnay is living like one of the girls on “Sex In The City.”

    Tasha Mack the manager returns

    Tasha Mack was on her game as season 6 of “The Game” debuted last night. After sexting her man, Pookie from Richmond and sipping with Chardonnay, she did not miss a beat when Malik went toe-to-toe with the owner of the Sabers. She sounded oh-so professional and diplomatic, showing that she has no problem switching up her tone when the situation calls for it.

    We especially love that Tasha was QUICK to rectify the fight between Derwin and Bryce and put a spin on it! She’s not even his manager anymore, but she did it for him because they’re family–despite whatever ups and downs they have been through.

    It was also a really nice moment for Tasha and Derwin to have a one-on-one about leaving San Diego.

    Rick Fox is back
    Tasha Macks’s past has come back to haunt her in the form of Rick Fox. Rick. Fox. Just as he’s putting on a full court press to get back in contact with her, she calls to inform that she is not interested in going there again with him. Unfortunately he didn’t get the message in time as he literally came knocking on her door.

    All we want to know is how in the world did he find her hotel room?!

    Malik gets help

    Malik fell off the wagon hard on the season 6 premiere of “The Game.” But before he climbed too much further into a bottle of liqour, TT kept it all the way real with him (as any good friend would) and told him that he needs help. While season 5 Malik may have gone off on TT for bringing that to his attention, season 6 Malik was wise enough to listen. It looks like the Saber’s show boat has grown up a bit!

    Check out the 100th episode below!



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