Chris Brown discusses his media hiatus

    TwitPics_ChrisBrown_052412.jpgHe wasn’t even old enough to drive when he came onto the scene, but now Chris Brown, 24, is a grown man and has learned not to let the negative side of stardom get to him.

    “You gotta kind of take it with a grain of salt,” he said about the constant criticism and resisting the urge to respond to it all.

    “If you leave it up to them, you’ll be the worst dude in the world,” Chris joked to Ebony magazine about the media. In 2011, the singer decided not to grant any interviews to any outlets or publications. However, that didn’t slow down the haters enough, so Chris also disconnected from social media.

    “I detached myself,” he explained. “Twitter is a good outlet for certain people, but I think for me and the message I’m trying to portray, it’s all about the music, the magic, and the creativity of what I’m doing.”

    Limiting the public’s access to him by keeping the media at bay wasn’t just about controlling the information disseminated about him; Chris also wanted to focus more on his music.

    “I’m shifting to what I’m focused on—my music and my painting. For right now, that’s all they need to know,” he said, obviously still wary of some members of the media.

    “Everybody has an opinion. Everybody has a view on how they view things. I can’t judge or blame them for how they view anything. I just have to be myself the best I can and hopefully their perception won’t be as negative as what people say,” he said.


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