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    ‘Gossip Game’ stars argue at premiere

    The Gossip Game

    Photo courtesy VH1

    Angela Yee and K.Foxx couldn’t wait for the premiere of their show “The Gossip Game” before they started beefing.

    TheJasmineBrand.com reports that the radio hosts got into at a screening for the show in New York earlier this week. When someone from the crowd asked why they don’t get along, and K.Foxx immediately fired back that Angela doesn’t have anything going on for herself other than doing “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1. Basically, K.Foxx said Angela is irrelevant.

    Angela choose to keep it cute while on stage, but she later said that she believes their beef is just about the stations they work for and that K.Foxx might be a little jealous of her.

    “I  feel like its not just tension or beef with K Fox, it’s with Hot 97. They hate us. I get it we’re the younger brand coming in, we’re doing we’ll. We’re beating them in the ratings. I won’t expect them to like us,” said Angela. “They are very aggressive and taking shots. It is what it is. After watching the first episode, I felt bad for her. I love the people that I work with. They are very supportive of me, they don’t put me down. I just see how she gets treated at work.”

    Angela added, “I’m so glad I don’t work there. My job is super cool. I keep that in my perspective.”

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