India.Arie accused of lightening her complexion

    India ArieIndia.Arie is the latest celebrity who’s been accused of lightening after a recently released promotional photo showed her with what appeared to be a more caramel complexion.

    The art for the single, “Cocoa Butter,” offers an India with an almost golden brown skin tone. However, most would consider the singer to be more of a chocolate color.

    Known for her Afro-centric style and lyrics and express pride in her God-given features, India denied that the photo was lightened purposely, according to TMZ.

    Of course, India isn’t the first artist to be accused of changing her appearance to something a bit more Eurpoean. Dawn Richard recently disputed rumors that she’d undergone plastic surgery when a photo shows her with a very contoured nose.

    Like Dawn, India blamed the faux pas on photo editors. Nonetheless, the image brought about criticism from some of India’s Twitter followers.

    “Why India Arie!? This isn’t You!,” commented rapper Rhymefest. “I hope her music sells I like her message but lookin’ like Alicia Keys isn’t the way nothing’s wrong with dark skin.”

    India Arie

    See more of Rhymefest’s tweets below.

    Rhymefest tweets

    Do you think India’s skin looks lighter? If so, do you think it was done on purpose? Leave your comments below.

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