Kordell Stewart met up with babymama before filing for divorce

    Kordell Stewart & Tania Richardson

    Photo courtesy TMZ

    Kordell Stewart spent a little time with his babymama just hours before he filed for divorce from Porsha Stewart.

    The former NFL star was spotted with Tania Richardson and their son Syre at Dave & Busters March 21, which was the night before he decided to split up with the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star.

    According to TMZ.com,  Kordell had been booked to host an event at restaurant. Since the Dave & Busters is also an arcade, Kordell thought his son might like it, so he invited Tania and Syre to come out. It’s not clear whether the former NFL player and Tania discussed his marriage to Porsha, but witness said that they seemed to be having a very serious conversation.

    One thing Kordell may not be worrying about is protecting his assets. Although Porsha claims that they never had a prenuptial agreement, they may not have needed one.

    “True, he has a lot more money than Porsha, but he earned the large majority of it before they were married,” a source close to Kordell told Wet Paint. “They’re getting divorced under Georgia law, which means the only money to be divided is the money each of them earned during their two-year marriage.”

    This could explain why Kordell mentioned in his divorce filings that he and Portia don’t have any marital assets to be divided. Aside from that Kordell isn’t pulling nearly as much as he did when he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    “These days, Kordell makes a nice salary as a sports commentator, but it’s nothing compared to the money he earned and amassed as a player,” the insider claims. “Again though, since he earned it before marrying Porsha, that money’s not up for grabs. So he’s not too worried about what the divorce will mean financially.”

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