Date Night With Jay Ellis

    Photo courtesy of BET

    Photo courtesy of BET

    What makes “The Game” newcomer, Jay Ellis, comfortable on a first date? You may be surprised. Check out what Jay says it would take to make a great date.

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    Stephanie: Would you greet her with a hug or a kiss?
    Jay: A hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    Stephanie: Any subjects off limits?
    Jay: For me, no. But I respect, you know, if there are things that, you know, a woman wants to save until a second or third date.

    Stephanie: Has anyone ever blown you away on the first date?
    Jay: I’m trying to think. Yeah. I’m a big music fan. I had known this girl as a friend for a little bit. And on the first date, after dinner, she said, “Can we swing by this place? I want to show you something.” And it was actually a concert. And it was Common at the Wiltern. It blew me away! It was great. It was very unexpected. That was a really great move.

    Stephanie: At the end of the night, goodbye hug or kiss?
    Jay: Oh man, I guess that depends on how it goes. But I would hope for a kiss. Not over the top, you know, just to reaffirm that it was a good night.

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