‘RHOA’ season 5 recap 4.1.13

    Porsha: “You apologize because I am offended.”

    Porsha and Kordell StewartWhile Kenya tried to explain her point of view, Porsha asserted that she was waiting for an apology.

    “You apologize because I am offended,” said Porsha who ultimately decided to take one for the team and re-enter the party though her invitation was revoked.

    Thankfully, Kenya did not toss Porsha out a second time. After a talking-to from Queen Bee, NeNe Leakes, who urged Kenya not to burn bridges, Kenya decided to swallow her pride and give Porsha the apology she wanted.

    “I think I’ve proven that I’m a strong Black woman,” Kenya said.

    Though Porsha told Kenya that she accepted her apology, she told let the “RHOA” audience know that she wasn’t feeling it. However, the two ladies could agree that they have some unresolved issues between them that need to be addressed.

    They’re obviously very different, but their party drama isn’t. At her charity event back in episode 3, Porsha was upset that Kenya decided to leave her party abruptly. Kenya, a grown woman, has the right to excuse herself from any venue at which she feels uncomfortable. Obviously cold and a bit perturbed by Porsha using her incorrect title, Kenya decided to exit early. Her faux pas was not informing Porsha before heading for the door.

    Similarly, Porsha has the right to wear whatever she wants wherever she wants, especially if Kenya can show up to NeNe’s Shoedazzle party with butt pads glued to her behind, but maybe Porsha should have called Kenya first to let her know.

    In both cases, a heads up might have decreased the drama, but then again, decreasing the drama isn’t what reality shows are all about.

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