Daily Buzz 4.2.13: Kelly Rowland defends Beyoncé

    Kelly Rowland defends Beyoncé

    Kelly Rowland

    Photo courtesy Vevo

    Kelly Rowland is sticking up for her sister Beyoncé! The “Kisses Down Low” singer really feels like people need to back up off of Bey for her song “Bow Down.” Unlike some people, she’s feeling the boastful track.

    “I’ve heard pieces of what she’s done,” Kelly told Big Tigger. “She’s heard things that I’ve recorded and I just think it scratches the surface to everything else. I think it’s a great record (‘Bow Down’).”

    And according to Kelly there’s more greatness to come, and she doesn’t see anything wrong with the boastful vibe of “Bow Down.” Kelly stated, “It’s her expression. I think, as an artist, you can express yourself however you want to and I just can’t wait for everybody to hear the rest of the record. It is insane.”

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