‘Gossip Game’ recap: 4.2.13

    The Gossip Game

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    There was some really juicy dish on the series premiere of “The Gossip Game” Monday night, but how much of the chatter was true?

    VH1’s latest reality show, could be its own source of gossip, and viewers will be getting it right from the source!

    Power 105.1 vs Hot 97

    Rumor has it that Hot 97 is very protective of its brand and making sure that it stays on top, but beyond that, they’ve got a bitter rivalry with Power 105.1. According to Angela Yee, Hot 97 has even taken it so far as to ban its personalities from following anyone associated with Power 105.1 in any form, be it online through social media or even doing an event together. And Angela implied that Hot 97 also keeps a tight muzzle on its employees.

    While K.Foxx, who refused to even call Power 105.1 by name, denied that such accusations were unfounded–her boss Ebro Price did not seem pleased about her chat with Jas Fly and Angela.

    Oh, and as far as The Source is concerned, Power 105.1 is definitely coming out on top in this broadcasting beef.

    Verdict: True

    Ms. Drama shades Vivian

    Ms. Drama and Vivian were once on very good terms, but something had clearly soured between them by the time they started taping “The Gossip Game.” Why? Vivian had heard that her fellow blogger Ms. Drama was talking slick about her. Earlier in the episode that was precisely what Ms. Drama was doing while getting her nails done with Jas Fly

    Verdict: True

    Angela Yee told Funkmaster Flex to step down

    After their chat with Jas Fly, K.Foxx immediately ran back to Hot 97 to tell Funkmaster Flex that Angela Yee thinks he should think about retiring soon. That set the volatile DJ off, sending him into a rant that was posted in a video online. But perhaps K.Foxx should have checked her facts before reporting back to her station.

    To be clear, Jas Fly asked Angela whether she though Flex’s reign would ever end. The “Breakfast Club” host simply stated that she believes Hot 97 would allow him to step down rather than being kicked off the air.

    Verdict: False

    Star’s having a baby with a married woman

    Vivian revealed to Angela Yee that her cousin Star, another famous radio DJ, had hooked up with one of her married friends. The one-night stand had resulted in a pregnancy, and he confirmed it in front of VH1 cameras!

    Verdict: True

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