Porsha Stewart still living with Kordell Stewart?

    Porsha Stewart & Kordell Stewart

    Photo courtesy Instagram

    There’s word that Porsha Stewart may still be sharing a home with her estranged husband Kordell Stewart.

    Despite being slammed with a very sudden divorce from Kordell, Porsha still has a place to rest her head at the end of the day as she’s still living under one roof with the former NFL player.

    According to FunkyDineva.com, Porsha gets up in the morning to get dressed  before leaving the house for the day, and she stays gone until well after the sun goes down. Supposedly, she doesn’t step foot back into the house until she’s ready to go to sleep.

    If she’s staying in a different part of their mansion than Kordell is, this might virtually ensure that she and Kordell rarely cross paths in the house–if at all.

    Supposedly, staying in the house with her soon-to-be ex could preserve her case when it comes time to head to court with Kordell. If she were to move out of the house, Porsha runs the risk of being accused of “abandoning the home,” which could complicate divorce proceedings for her.

    Neither Porsha nor Kordell has commented on their living arrangements at this time.

    For now, Kordell has the house to himself as TMZ spotted Porsha in New York today, where she managed to put on a brave face for the paparazzi. When TMZ asked what she had to say to Kordell, she couldn’t quite find the words, but she did keep a smile on her face.

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