Robin Thicke leaving ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’?

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    Is Kevin Hart to blame for Robin Thicke’s unexpected exit from season 2 of “The Real Husbands of Hollywood”?

    While Kevin and the rest of “RHH” cast are already hard at work on the new cycle, there’s word that Robin has quit the show. According to, source said that Robin isn’t happy with the way the show is going and where writers are taking his character.

    When he approached producers about doing some re-writes for an upcoming episode, they refused his request. Reportedly, Robin didn’t come to the set the next day, and there are whispers that he may even have engaged in some diva behavior as he refused to even leave his trailer.

    But is the situation really that deep? Not really. Kevin revealed to that Robin left the show because he simply had too much on his plate. “Robin’s a man of many faces within his career,” the comedian said, listing all of the things that Robin does. “He’s a song writer, a song producer, a singer and tours and does a lot of things.”

    Since Robin does have so many things going on, it’s going to be hard for “RHH” to shoot around his availability.

    “Within this season, his schedule and what he was doing didn’t coincide with the show, so he opted to go and do his music,” Kevin explained. “Hopefully at some point in time, we can have Robin come back and do some stuff, but for this particular period he went to go and do better things for him.

    When news of Robin’s departure first got out, there was some speculation that he was feeling a little sensitive about Kevin’s spoof of his hit “Lost Without You.” But Kevin clarified that Robin’s decision to take a break from the show had nothing to do with “Frost Without You.”

    “No. I don’t even know where all that stuff came from,” Kevin said. “No, me and Robin are very good friends. We’re cool, still talk, still hang out. There’s no love lost between Robin and myself.

    In other Robin Thicke news, an unrated version of the crooner’s video for “Blurred Lines” has been yanked from YouTube. The original version of the visual was pretty cheeky to begin with, but Robin kicked it up a notch as the models stripped down to nothing but their panties in the racier version.

    Supposedly, YouTube found the whole thing a little too risque for it’s liking and took the video down. Robin confirmed the move on Saturday, tweeting, “YouTube took down the Unrated version of #BLURREDLINES because it was too hot!”

    An equally appalled Pharrell then chimed in, “Why they trying to ban good sh*t?”

    While the unrated version of “BlurredLines” may have been a little too hot for YouTube to handle, Robin said his wife Paula Patton didn’t see a problem with it. She ever spoke out on her hubby’s behalf on WhoSay over the weekend.

    “Nudity is Beautiful!!! Violence is ugly,” she wrote, posting a picture from the banned version of the video. “ROBIN #THICKE “BLURRED LINES is the S***!!! It’s art and it makes me want to…”


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