Beyoncé debuts ‘Gown Woman’ in new Pepsi ad


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    There are so many reasons that we love Beyoncé’s first 2013 ad for Pepsi, but here are our top five favorite things about the commercial!

    Beyoncé had fans and haters alike in a tizzy yesterday, when she teased the fact that she had some big news coming up this morning. Was it a new single? An album title or release date? Was she reviving her alter ego Sasha Fierce. No one really knew what to expect.

    This morning eager fans flocked to their computer screens and mobile devices to find out what Beyoncé had to say, and behold: It was her first ad in her new campaign for Pepsi.

    In the clip, Beyoncé is burning the midnight oil working on some choreography when she takes a quick break to get a drink. Does she reach for some water or sports drink? Hell no! Bey reaches into the cooler and pulls out a regular Pepsi (even though Diet Pepsi was available) and that’s when the magic begins.

    1. Beyoncé introduces “Grown Woman”

    Fans speculating that Beyonce was going to introduce a new song, were right! Beyoncé teased her upcoming Timbaland-produced single “Grown Woman” in the TV ad, using it as the soundtrack for the commercial.

    2. Beyoncé got Bootylicious

    Beyoncé honored her beginnings as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child by donning her hot-pin, bell bottom ensemble from “Bootylicious.”

    3. Sasha Fierce returns…and Beyoncé is unimpressed

    Sasha Fierce stalked out into a mirror, ready to devastate her future self with a flick of metal-plated wrist. Beyonce simply returned the moves with an attitude that just said “What else ya got?”

    4. The moves

    Just like “Crazy In Love” had the famous booty shake and “Single Ladies” had…well, the entire dance routine, This ad has one memorable move: The hand clap!

    5. Seeing Beyoncé’s growth

    The Pepsi ad served as the SparkNotes version of Beyonce’s solo career, but the singer ends the commercial, stating,”Embrace your past, but live for NOW.”

    Beyoncé fans, we hope you have no major plans for the rest of the day as this video may sap any and all of your productivity.

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