Daily Buzz 4.4.13: ‘The Game’ picked up for season 7

    Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn do ‘Entertainment Weekly’

    Kerry Washington & Tony Golsdwyn

    Photo courtesy Entertainment Weekly

    Olivia Pope is back in President Grant’s arms for the latest issue of “Entertainment Weekly”! Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn brought their incredible chemistry to the cover of EW as the “Scandal” stars hinted that their characters may be reconnecting soon.

    “We’ve been through a really rough time,” Tony told EW. “I turned into a really bad dude.”

    Kerry agreed, stating, “That’s an understatement. You’ve been very mean. Grumpy pants!”

    But a reconciliation may not be far off as “Scandal” continues. “Fitz is coming to be himself and realized that he’s allowed himself to become somebody else. He’s moving towards forgiveness and how to rediscover Olivia,” said Tony.

    Kerry added, “And Olivia is really struggling with having feelings for somebody that doesn’t always treat her in the way that she feels like she deserves to be treated.”

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