Daily Buzz 4.4.13: ‘The Game’ picked up for season 7

    Maya Angelou drops new book

    Maya Angela has dropped her eighth memoir, where she examines the complicated relationship she had with her mother. In Mom & Me & Mom, Maya will share how her relationship with her birth mother Vivian Baxter developed.

    Maya’s fans were first introduced to Vivian in I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings as she explained that Vivian had sent her and her brother to live with their grandmother in Arkansas. In Mom & Me & Mom, Maya talks about her initial fascination with Vivian, whom she called “Lady” at first.

    “All sorts of people know her only as Lady. But after a few years she won me. She won me over because she was kind. And then she was also funny. So I liked all that,” Maya writes. “He just won me over. And then I heard myself calling her Mother, and before I knew it I was calling her Mom.”

    Read more on Maya’s relationship with her mom when you pick up Mom & Me & Mom in stores or online now!

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