Tatyana Ali leaving ‘Love That Girl’?

    Tatyana Ali, Second Generation Wayans

    Photo courtesy of BET

    Will Tatyana Ali’s TV One sitcom “Love That Girl” be moving forward without her?

    HumorMillMag.com reports that when “Love That Girl” returns, Tatyana will not be part of the cast as Tyana Jones anymore. The show is currently in pre-producton, but it’s slated to shoot 33 episodes.

    The problem comes in as sources close to the show claim that Tatyana has decided to leave the show. This wasn’t the result of some falling out with producers, though, as the actress had been offered a contract for “Second Generation Wayans” during the break from “Love That Girl.”

    As it stands, Tatyana’s contract with BET states that she cannot do two shows on competing networks at the same time. “Love That Girl” was not in production at the time Tatyana signed her contract with BET.

    Insiders claim that instead of Tatyana, Jennifer Freeman will lead the show as she plays Tyana’s cousin. It’s not clear if Tatyana’s character will be written back into the show if “Love That Girl” is picked up for another season.

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