Daily Buzz 4.5.13: Sheree Whitfield disses Phaedra’s new show

    Sheree Whitfield disses Phaedra’s new show

    Sheree Whitfield

    Photo courtesy Bravo

    Sheree Whitfield doesn’t think much of Phaedra Parks’ new reality show. As a former client of Phaedra’s, RumorFix.com wanted to know Sheree’s take on news that Phaedra would be brinign her legal practice to TV on her spin-off “Rich People’s Problems.”

    At first, Sheree couldn’t believe that Phaedra was even getting a show, incredulously asking with a laugh, “Are you kidding me?”

    She quickly got over her initial shock pretty quickly and told Rumor Fix, “I wouldn’t go to her for legal advice, but I wish her the best.”

    And with season 6 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” prospectively looming in the future, Sheree said she’s fine with having made her exit at the end of season 4. “I don’t miss the drama,” said Sheree. “I don’t miss that at all. It was a lot of press. I don’t miss the show—I miss the paycheck!”

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