Kevin McCall aims to be the ‘People’s Champ’ with ‘Definition’ mixtape

    Kevin McCall

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    Rapper-singer-producer Kevin McCall is on his way to creating a major presence in the music industry with the release of his mixtape, Definition.

    The Los Angeles Watts-born musician actually began with aspirations to play professional football. During his time at Washington State University, Kevin was involved mostly with sports while music was just a hobby.

    Kevin had the opportunity to tryout for the Oakland Raiders, but music had a greater impact on him. “I didn’t want to get into the NFL and be focused on music again and not do what I was supposed to do. That’s why I chose not to pursue that,” Kevin told S2S.

    So far in his career, Kevin has been able to collaborate with various artists such as Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson, Trey Songz, Keri Hilson and KeKe Palmer. Many fans may be most familiar with his chart-topping collaboration with Chris Brown and Tyga, “Deuces.” Recently, Kevin has completed a music video for the track, “High” featuring Tank.

    Definition is a body of work that defines who I am as a musician, as a person. It’s to define me a spot in the game… somebody that’s really going to be a contender in the R&B world,” Kevin said of his new mixtape. An album is also in the works for those who have been patiently waiting.

    Kevin says that he wants his album to contain “pure and uncut R&B,” stating, “I’m confident that it’ll go out and not be unnoticed for too long.” Kevin also finds it important to have a good internet presence in order to connect with his fans. “You got to be the people’s champ,” he added.

    If you were not aware, Kevin has a very special lady in his life, Eva Marcille. “We’re happy. We’re doing our thing. We’re positive with it,” he saif of their relationship. Kevin mentioned that he always knew who Eva was since her days on “America’s Next Top Model,” and he told us, “I used to be like, ‘Watch. If she saw me, she would fall in love with me.’” That prediction doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

    Kevin is also thinking about trying his hand at acting, starting his own label, writing a book and even developing his own fashion line. When he isn’t working Kevin describes himself as a “really simple dude” who loves music, movies and soul food.

    His album will make sure that the fans “feel soul” when it is released this year. “If one person hears it and I did my job,” he summed up, “then that one person won’t stop until the whole world knows how good Kevin McCall’s album is and how much work he put into it.”

    While you’re waiting on Kevin’s official album, though, you can download his mixtape Definition here. And take a peek behind the scenes of the video for “High” below!


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