‘RHOA’ Reunion Part 1: 5 Lessons Learned

    4. White Meat Is Bad for You

    NeNe Leakes, Real Housewives of Atlanta season 5 reunion

    Fans always knew there was something wrong between Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes, who just can’t seem to get along. Both women respected the other’s hustles, but neither could pass up a chance to throw a dig at the other, indicating that there may have been some underlying issues.

    After seasons of probing, Kandi finally revealed why NeNe doesn’t necessarily get the same treatment from Kandi that the other ladies do.

    In 2009, Kandi’s fiance, AJ Jewell, died after a brawl outside of a strip club. Though the co-stars often talk much smack to one another on-screen and in interviews, NeNe argued that nothing she recalled saying should have caused such a rift between the two successful women. “As long as I am not trying to cut you to the white meat we are cool,” reasoned NeNe. However, Kandi said NeNe did cross that line (from drum stick to wing) years ago when she talked about Kandi and AJ’s romance.

    “When you were on the radio in the past, you were talking about my relationship with AJ and some things about whatever, and I thought, ‘Wow. That is not cool for you to say,’” Kandi shared. “That is when you got a different me.”

    NeNe conceded that she did make the comments, but she didn’t apologize during the show.

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