Chris Brown and Rihanna break up again?

    Chris Brown and Rihanna

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    Rumors are swirling that Chris Brown and Rihanna split up again so shortly after getting back together.

    It is no secret that Chris Brown and Rihanna have arguably one of the most confusing public relationships. A very reliable source with E! News shared that the couple are officially not together. Rihanna, who is finishing up her international “Diamonds” tour stated that she wants to take the time to focus on her career although she will always love Chris.

    Back in March during an interview with Power 106, Chris was asked if he was still with Rihanna. He replied saying, “Uh, no. That’s the short answer.” Chris later told “Today”that the clip was pulled from a interview he did with 106 months before his last visit to the station, and that he and Rihanna were “good.”

    If the new chatter is to be believed, this breakup comes as a surprise to some as there were whispers that the two were engaged and planning to wed in July.

    Although this may mark the end of a chapter, it is likely that this “love story” is not finished yet. However, neither Chris nor Rihanna, who have been spotted going out on their own lately, have commented on the rumors.

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