Daily Buzz 4.9.13: Chris Rock joins ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’

    ASAP Rocky: Only light-skinned women should wear red lipstick

    A$AP Rocky

    Photo courtesy XXLMag.com

    A$AP Rocky has a few thoughts on what he thinks women should and should not wear. For example, he’s not crazy about girls caking on makeup. He likes women to be natural most of the time.

    “You girls don’t understand how much you mess up your skin,” He told Coveteur. “You can’t help it, but make-up is the worst thing you can do to your skin. I love girls natural, but I don’t mind make-up. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

    Of course, A$AP doesn’t expect girls to go bare all the time. He understands that there are times when it’s necessary for a girl to glammed up. But, he still thinks there are certain thinks some women should stay away from.

    “When it’s time to get all dazzled up or you’re going out, then fine. I like red lips, it’s fine. I’m going to be real, though: it’s bad for making out, because it gets on the guys,” A$AP said right before launching into a statement that has rubbed many Black women the wrong way. “But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that.”

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