Kandi Burruss put to the test on ‘Kandi Factory’

    Photo courtesy of Bravo

    Photo courtesy of Bravo

    “Kandi Factory” isn’t just a challenge for the contestants hoping to realize their dreams of musical stardom; the show put Kandi Burruss’ producing skills to the test, too.

    “It’s a major challenge for me and my team,” Kandi explained on “Big Morning Buzz Live.”

    “It’s all different types of artists, from rap to pop to R&B, everything. … We’re really challenging ourselves. Sometimes I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to beat the challenge myself,” she admitted.

    Kandi may have doubted herself, but the Grammy Award-winning producer already proved to many that she can turn just about anyone into a star. It was her success with former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kim Zolciak that prompted her to create the series.

    After Kim’s song “Tardy for the Party,” Kandi said several wannabes asked that she work the same magic for them. “’If you can do that for Kim, if you can make her sound like that, I know you can do it for me,’” Kandi recalled them saying.

    While her contestants have to “learn their song, record their song, they have to learn choreography, the full performance, change their image and perform in front of an audience in five days,” Kandi’s behind the scenes putting in just as much effort to help them shine.

    “All the songs on our show [are] original. I listen to their interview tapes, and I try to write the songs specifically about a story they told me about their life,” she said.

    The winner of the series, which premieres Tuesday on Bravo, will have his or her single released and a music video made to help “jump start” their career, Kandi said.

    “I don’t’ think a lot of people know how much work it really takes to be an artist,” Kandi said. “Everybody needs a hot record and then the video. It helps you to get your presence out there to the world.”

    Watch a clip from “Kandi Factory” below.

    See Kandi on VH1 below. Which talent competition show would she be on? Watch.

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