Kelly Rowland: ‘I just want somebody who loves me’

    Kelly Rowland, The Breakfast ClubKelly Rowland’s besties are married with kids, and the singer said she has faith that it’ll happen for her eventually.

    “All my girlfriends have babies. I truly believe that whenever it’s my time to be married and have a child, I will,” Kelly told the DJs at Power 105.1. Although she still considers herself a bit selfish right now, Kelly admitted she’ll be glad when she finds love and has a family.

    “I will be glad when that happens. It’s hard out here for a pimp,” Kelly joked. “I just want somebody who loves me, and I love the hell outta him.”

    Kelly, who has a ring tattoo on her finger that only represents her relationship with her best friend, has been engaged before, but she wouldn’t confirm that she’s seeing anyone special right now.

    “I’m not married. I’m not engaged,” clarified Kelly, who wouldn’t divulge the details of her relationship status right now.

    “I like the fact that I have something to myself,” she said.

    While she’s usually all smiles, fans were concerned when photos of Kelly weeping were leaked around the time of her birthday. But the singer explained that was just the result of her taking stock of her life during a milestone.

    “I had an epiphany about life and it made me very emotional. I was thinking about family. I was thinking about friendship. I was thinking about the things that I want and the things that I haven’t yet conquered. It made me happy, actually,” she explained.

    Though she wants love in the future, Kelly isn’t pressing the issue right now. With music and acting projects lined up, she’s got enough to focus on right now.

    “I like my life the way it is right now,” she said.

    Kelly talks about Keyshia Cole and her sexual turn-offs below. Watch.

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